Privacy Policy

Because the privacy of young members and other visitors to our website is of the utmost importance, we have adopted the following privacy policy, which conforms to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998:

We do not solicit to children under the age of 13. We are aware of COPPA requirements, and should we receive a membership application from which we can determine the age of the child, we will comply with COPPA requirements to obtain parental consent and/or notify the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the receipt of such information. Further, we will not proceed with the request of the membership application without parental consent.

Users of FoolProof –teachers, parents, students– are identified only by a username and password combination. Students will be associated with a teacher (or parent). The information will be available to no one else. No other identifying information will be collected.

Registering students for FoolProof is performed by teachers/parents. Teacher/parent registration consists of a username and password. Teachers also identify their classes. The only information required for student registration is their name, username, password, and teacher/class.

In the credit union version, Parents will have the option of informing the credit union that their child is using FoolProof and/or that their child has successfully completed the Module/Course. This is an "opt in" feature only.

FoolProof uses a session cookie (deleted when the browser is closed) in order for each FoolProof page to know the current user. This user-ID is a number that is assigned when a student/teacher/parent registers.

FoolProof uses a database for saving student work so that the teacher/parent can review their progress and the results of the tests. A teacher can only review the student information for students in their classes. A parent can only review the information for their child.

No one else will have access to the information in the database.

Deletion of information from the database will be under the control of the teacher/parent. When students have completed the course (or portion of the course), the teacher (or parent) will have the option of deleting the stored information.

The entire database will be deleted when a school and/or credit union terminates their FoolProof contract.

As the developers, the site administrator for FoolProof Financial Education Systems, Inc. does have access to the database in order to perform any required maintenance and to ensure proper performance. Only this authorized person has access.